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Dear socnet mailing list members.

Pajek and PajekXXL 4.02 are now available.
Among other small improvements and speed-ups (see history) version 4.02 brings:

Several changes in exporting graphics to other formats were done. The most important:
Export to X3D updated to be compatible with 3D printing services like Shapeways:
Possibility to compute only diagonal values when multiplying two large networks:
(Networks / Multiply Networks - Get Loops only).
Sometimes, when computing the product of two networks, only diagonal is needed,
in this way it is computed much faster.
New version of program PajekToSvgAnim ( is also available.
Several bugs were fixed. Thanks to Darko Brvar for doing this.

You are welcome to check the history and download Pajek 4.02 at:
or (mirror)

With best wishes.
Andrej Mrvar


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