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The School of Sociology at University College Dublin (UCD) in collaboration with the Department of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) would like to invite you to a public lecture, 

Social Networks and Economic Activities: An Embedded Economy Perspective

by Professor Nan Lin of Duke University.


J.M. Synge Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:00 PM 


The significance of social networks for economic activities has received much research attention since Granovetter’s (1985) embeddedness argument. Yet, most research has been conducted in economic and business settings, suggesting that the significance of social networks for economy is meaningful only within the context of economy and business. I argue that social networks in fact present a context that facilitate and promote economic activities. Historically we have seen how ethnic and familial ties afford the formation of institutions such as trust that promoted trades in Europe, Africa and Asia. This social networks-embedding-economy phenomenon persists to the present day. Further, there is strong evidence that such embedding social networks can be constructed and sustained beyond ethnicity, family and location to dictate economic activities. Online cybernetworks (e.g., Facebook) are examples. I will discuss the implications of this social-network-embedding-economy perspective for theory, research and strategic actions.

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