This is Yusuke Yamana in Wakayama, Japan.
Presently I faced with slight difficulties. Please help me. I want several
literatures, that I cannot obtain in Japan in any way. I expect that
someone have these literatures. If you have, can you send me copy of
following documents?

F. Y. Chang (1948) Echinoderms of Tsingtao. Contribution Institute Zoology
Peiping. 4: 33-104.

P. F. Yang (1937) Report on the holothurians from the Fukien Coast.
Bulletin Marine Biology, Amoy, China. 2: 1-46.


Yusuke Yamana

Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History
Kainan, Wakayama 642-0001, Japan
Researcher and curator of invertebrates group

Yusuke Yamana
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