Dear Gustav, Dear Yves

Thank you very much!
I'm sorry to my poor English skill for words of thanks.
These papers must be great help for my study.

Thank you very much!

Yusuke Yamana

2015-03-24 12:29 GMT+09:00 Paulay,Gustav <[log in to unmask]>:

Here is the 1937 paper


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Subject: Request literatures


This is Yusuke Yamana in Wakayama, Japan.
Presently I faced with slight difficulties. Please help me. I want several literatures, that I cannot obtain in Japan in any way. I expect that someone have these literatures. If you have, can you send me copy of following documents?

F. Y. Chang (1948) Echinoderms of Tsingtao. Contribution Institute Zoology Peiping. 4: 33-104.

P. F. Yang (1937) Report on the holothurians from the Fukien Coast. Bulletin Marine Biology, Amoy, China. 2: 1-46.


Yusuke Yamana

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