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Dear all,

given recent inquiries it appears that my workshop "The Positional
Approach to Network Analysis" at Sunbelt 2015 would benefit from a
few clarifications.

The goal is to empower participants to analyze social networks with
increased confidence by simplifying the process of method selection.
This is achieved by explication of otherwise tacit assumptions, and
a stepwise procedure, rather than applying a particular analysis in
a single shot, or a couple of related analyses in a shotgun approach.

It is therefore most benefical to have a basic understanding of the
network-analytic toolbox, but in principle it is possible to get started
directly. I am also willing to include one or two studies of participants
into the set of working examples. Please contact me well in advance if
you are interested in contributing your research problem. There will be
time to discuss specific question on demand, though.

Two core features of the approach are noteworthy:

- smaller steps are easier to justify substantively and test empirically

- the elementary steps unify and generalize existing approaches and
  thus facilitate application-specific analysis without the need to
  come up with, and justify, indices of your own

The workshop is *not* about the underlying mathematics that have been
developed over the past couple of years (combining elements from order
theory, graph theory, and conjoint measurement) but about applications
and interpretation. Prime examples will be centralities and roles, but
cohesive groups, clusters, and network-level features will be covered.
Software tools to support the approach are currently in development.

For further details, see



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