and let us not forget the kerfuffle taking place in NY state over the
deletion of emails by Governor Cuomo or who can forget the head of the EPA
at the end of the Clinton administration who defied a court order and
destroyed her records?
both political groups play fast and loose with rules about records. it
happens at the local levels too, can't tell how many times i've posted
stories about a new county sheriff or district attorney who upon taking
office finds that their predecessor has destroyed the records.

"Former EPA Administrator Carol Browner ordered the destruction of her
computer records on the last full day of the Clinton Administration. The
admission was made in a hearing today before Federal District Judge Royce
Lamberth in a lawsuit brought by the Landmark Legal Foundation. On
September 29, 2000, Landmark sued the EPA to force the disclosure of the
identities of special interest groups that may have worked with the Agency
in producing environmental regulations in the final days of the former
administration. "

Battling over Records of Bush's Governorship
AUSTIN, Tex. — The stacks of the Texas State Library and Archives groan
with boxes of carefully preserved papers dating back to James Pinckney
Henderson, the first governor, who served from 1846 to 1847. But anyone
trawling for insights into the most recent former governor, George W. Bush,
or say, his ties to Enron in the years he ran Texas, would have to travel
118 miles east to College Station. Even then, it might be months, maybe
even years, before many of the records are available.

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Cohen, Stephen E. <[log in to unmask]>

> How politicians can walk off with their records upon leaving office
> boggles the mind. Giuliani did it when he left the NYC mayor's office. GW
> Bush sent his TX governor records to his father's presidential library in
> College Station TX to escape state access to his records as governor, and
> countless others have done the similar. Breaking the chain of custody is a
> real concern. I cannot conceive of any company allowing business activity
> to be transacted via personal accounts and not exclusively under the
> administration/control of company. To operate this way is not prudent (to
> take a word from an old Bush) and will result in some serious dog$#!+. Like
> Gordy wrote, it certainly has a bad stink to it.

Peter Kurilecz CRM CA IGP
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Dallas, Texas
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