Hello All,
I wanted to find out from the community what other offices are doing when a
student makes a tutoring appointment and then does not show up for the
appointment.  Does your tutor still get paid? Are you charging the student
for missing the appointment?  If so, is it a flat fee or based on what
you're paying the tutor?  Or do you have a "3 strikes you're out" policy
(if you no show three times in the semester you can no longer make

In addition, I'm interested in ways you've tried to encourage students to
attend or at the very least cancel the appointment instead of being a "no
show."  Our system will email and text students the morning of and one hour
before the appointment, but it seems we could benefit from other ideas.

Thank you,

Stephanie Westine
Associate Director
Center for Academic Success
University of West Georgia
200 UCC
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