Are you proud of your excellent learning support center website or would you
like to know of some standards and guidelines to make it better? 

Does your website follow CAS Learning Assistance Program standards and
>  for #1-Mission (p. 6), #8-Institutional and external links (pp.18-19) ,
and for #10-Technology (pp.19-20)?

Does your website follow W3C guidelines for accessibility
<> ?


Check out the links below to find out more and/or to enter the annual
NCLCA-LSCHE Website Excellence Awards (WEA) contest.

.         WEA contest is co-sponsored by the National College Learning
Center Association <>  and the LSCHE
<>  website.

.         June 15, 2015 is the deadline to enter your LSC website, but you
may enter now.

.         See the Rules for the award <>
and note that the Standards and criteria for the WEA
<>  have been revised and include some CAS
Standards and W3C Guidelines.

.         Take a look at a list of the websites of past winners
<> .

Did you know the following about the WEA:

.         Announcements, updates, and results of the Website Excellence
Award contest will be posted here to the LRNASST-l listserv and will be
archived at

.         Winners will be announced and presented with their award at this
year's  NCLCA annual conference <>
.  Each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning site is awarded a wall plaque and
the award winning sites may display the NCLCA/ LSCHE award icon/badge
<>  on their web site home page.  Honorable
Mention sites receive a certificate of excellence and will also receive the
WEA icon/badge to display on their website or marketing media.

.         A news release announcing the award will be sent to each winner's
institution. This news release may be edited to publicize the award in an
institution's campus and local news media.

.         Results of the web site awards are posted to the LRNASST listserv
and will be archived in LSCHE at


Rick Sheets

Rick Sheets, Ed.D.

LSCHE Co-founder & Webmaster




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