Our campus culture is one where we tend to perceive this process of educating adults as a team effort.  All faculty are strongly encouraged to refer students for a variety of issues but referrals that are relevant to Counseling, Disability Services or Health Services are treated with a great deal of confidentiality and faculty get very minimal or no feedback about those referrals.  I am not a Counselor, I am a study skills Specialist in the Academic Success Center and we use MAP-Works as our student referral software.  For the academic/study skills/time management referrals that I get, I do make a brief notation in MAP-Works on what the student and I discussed.   A limited number of people have access to a student’s file (current faculty, Advisor, Dean, etc.)  

We have found that faculty often do want feedback and as Jered mentioned, the very generic, uninformative electronic message that our software sends them is just plain irritating.  Faculty can log onto the student’s file in the system and see what I posted to see what we covered in our meeting.  I think closing the loop and informing the faculty minimizes their frustration and increases the likelihood that they will make future referrals.  We are all more likely to help someone if someone else acknowledges our effort to do so.  

Sometimes faculty use this feedback to modify the way they are teaching or testing.   This is especially true when a faculty member refers 8-10 students who all failed the same exam.  Any time I get a group referral like that, I email the professor to let them know who showed up and who didn’t and what trends or themes I was noticing with the students.  Let’s say quite a few students from the same class tell me they do not take any notes in class but instead rely totally on listening to a recording of the lecture and looking back over hardcopies of the professor’s PPT slides.  I tell the students that the research tells us writing your own notes during class really improves how much you understand and learn from lectures and then we talk about effective note taking strategies.  I will also let the professor know I am seeing this trend because that is something the professor might be able to influence themselves if they choose to encourage or insist that students take notes in class.  


Pat Scheib
Academic Skills Specialist, Study and Enrichment Skills
Academic Success Center
Adjunct Faculty, School of Sciences, Humanities and Visual Communications
PA College of Technology
Williamsport, PA
570-320-2400 x7575

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For anyone who identifies themself or the work they do as "academic counseling", I am looking for some feedback.

Some of our faculty would like to begin a process where they can electronically refer a student to our office.  They would like to include a check box that I can use to indicate that the student has met with me and possibly a text box for me to share what happened.

In order for me to do this, I would require written authorization from the student.

I am still leary of getting into this practice since ultimately faculty hold the grade in their hand.  In addition, if a student does not give me authorization, I do not check the box, it will then be viewed that the student never met with me, when in fact they did.

Any one else dealt/dealing with some thing like this???  Am I over thinking??

Lynda Sukolsky

Lynda J. Sukolsky, M.Ed.
Assistant Dean of Student Success/
Academic Achievement Center Director
Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA

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