We have a Private Tutors referral list where tutors/students can add their
contact information and the subjects they tutor. Any tutor/student can be
on the list, even tutors who are currently working for me. We only ask
that they donšt offer their services on days/times when free services are
available in our center for the same subject. Also, I only give out the
Private Tutors list by request; we used to have it posted on our website,
but two tutors from the list were approached with some sketchy, possible
scam-related offers, so now we track who wešve given it to.

We have a statement that was vetted by our university counsel at the top
of the list, and on our website:

NOTE:  The Private Tutors list is provided as a service of the Center
for Academic Achievement at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). ETSU
 assumes no responsibility for assuring that private tutors meet certain
 qualifications.  ETSU is not responsible for any issues, problems, or
concerns that may arise between private tutors and clients. This listing
 service is not intended to represent any private tutor as preferred or
as having attained any special recognition from ETSU. Clients are
responsible for negotiating and paying private tutors directly; ETSU
assumes no responsibility for determining private tutoring costs, or for
 the payment of private tutors.


Robert A. Russell
Director, Center for Academic AchievementEast Tennessee State University
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139 Sherrod Library

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On 4/6/15, 10:58 AM, "Patrick Patterson" <[log in to unmask]>

>Hi there!
>It appears our "policy" is a bit different from everyone else's (though,
>I wouldn't call it a policy necessarily, as it isn't written anywhere).
>We do allow our tutors to provide private tutoring outside of our office,
>even to students who are receiving tutoring through our office. Because
>we provide individual tutoring only to students who meet certain
>eligibility requirements and only for a certain amount of hours a week,
>we allow our tutors to provide individual tutoring to any student who
>reaches out to them. (For example, even if we've approved a student for 2
>hours a week of individual tutoring, but that student is interested in
>more hours that we are unable to provide for some reason -- we will
>encourage them to work directly with their tutor to pay for those
>additional hours.) Our budget isn't small, but is heavily focused on
>providing many opportunities for group and lab tutoring; as a result, we
>are unable to offer large amounts of individual tutoring. And while we!
>  do push students to these group and lab options, some are more
>comfortable with one-on-one tutoring and, in those cases, we have no
>problem with our tutors providing further support for a fee if the
>student reaches out to them. We will even offer names of tutors of ours
>who offer private tutoring to students who are not eligible to receive
>that tutoring free from our office.
>Patrick D. Patterson, M.Ed.
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>Good Morning, Everyone!
>Do any of you have a policy on your tutors tutoring (for extra income)
>outside of your college's tutoring program?  If so, what are the details?
>Danna Baggett
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