*         Do any of you use your own tutors to do your college's online tutoring?  If so, how have you structured your program?

We have piloted an in-house online tutoring program, but it hasn't gotten completely off the ground yet.

*         Do you have a special lab for the tutors to conduct the online sessions?

At this time, we have two tutoring stations set up specifically for online tutoring.

*         Do you allow them to tutor while they are at home or do they have to be on campus during operating hours?  If allowed to tutor at home, did you issue the tutor a laptop and webcam, if they did not have their own?  Did your college provide tech support for the tutor's personal computer if it stopped working properly?

We have had tutors who worked from remote locations as well as those who tutored from campus. Tutors provided their own computers, but we issued digital pen tablets and, in one case, a webcam. The college did not provide any technical support. 

*         Do you have "drop in" tutoring by having virtual walk-in hours where the tutor waits for someone to ask a question online? Is it made available 24/7?  Basically, if a tutor says they can be available at midnight, do you allow that?

We did try drop-in tutoring, but it was not available 24/7. We set up schedules based on the tutors' availability. In some cases, that was late at night, but that was still scheduled. It was not available on demand.

*         Did you hire student tutors or "professional" (with at least a Bachelor's degree) tutors?

Initially, we partnered with a 4-year school and hired upper-level undergrads to do the tutoring. These were our off-site drop-in tutors and the only subject offered was chemistry. Later, we used one of those tutors for 1-on-1 tutoring appointments for chemistry & Spanish. We also used one of our former tutors who had transferred to that school to do 1-on-1 chemistry and biology tutoring. 

We use Blackboard Collaborate (accessed via email links) as our online platform. Our school is dealing with some budget issues that have significantly affected the number of hours my tutors can work, so we aren't actively doing online tutoring at the moment, however, if one of the students we're currently working with requested an online session, we would provide it. We're still offering online academic success coaching to those who need it.

If you'd like any additional information about our tutoring program, please feel free to email me directly


Linda Whitlock, MA
Academic Link Coordinator
Virginia Western Community College
Link Learning Commons (Brown Library)
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