I also have been deep into trying to choose how to do on-line tutoring on our campus.  I do not have a large pool of tutors, so was looking more into a service that provides all the tech and tutors.  For our college, it is cost prohibitive to go with most of the services such as Netutor or Smarthinking.
We are seriously looking at TutorMa+ching services.  They provide tutors  and you can have your own tutors work from their sight.  The tutor decides how much to charge, they can even charge nothing.  You can then pay the tutor out of your budget.  TutorMa+ching can give you the report of how much time the tutor spent tutoring, so that could verify the hours.  In that case, if you hired the tutor and know their training, qualifications, etc, you could let them tutor when ever and where ever they would like since TutorMa+ching could provide you with the data.
TutorMatching does not charge to work with them, they charge the tutors 10% of the rate they charge, so you would need to work out that with them some way.  I don't know whether you wanted to offer free tutoring to your students or a service for which the student pays.  Also with TM it would provide tutors (at a cost) to students in areas where you do not have tutors.

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Good afternoon!

I have been tasked with finding out about other colleges' online tutoring programs.  I have found that most colleges use an outside source such as Smarthinking and Brainfuse instead of their own tutors.  We are leaning more towards using our own tutors instead of other company's tutors.  I have several questions, and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

*         Do any of you use your own tutors to do your college's online tutoring?  If so, how have you structured your program?

*         Do you have a special lab for the tutors to conduct the online sessions?

*         Do you allow them to tutor while they are at home or do they have to be on campus during operating hours?  If allowed to tutor at home, did you issue the tutor a laptop and webcam, if they did not have their own?  Did your college provide tech support for the tutor's personal computer if it stopped working properly?

*         Do you have "drop in" tutoring by having virtual walk-in hours where the tutor waits for someone to ask a question online?

*         Is it made available 24/7?  Basically, if a tutor says they can be available at midnight, do you allow that?

*         Did you hire student tutors or "professional" (with at least a Bachelor's degree) tutors?

I am sure I am leaving out some other important questions. So, if there is any other important details that you think would be beneficial, please include them since you have gone through this process.

As always,  thank you very much!

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