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There is a new choice of vendor-based online tutoring options, but I wanted to let you know about how Ohio higher ed schools have pooled their resources utilizing the eTutoring platform. Designed by the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium with grant money, the program supports online tutoring with great flexibility.

Ohio's schools teamed together to provide tutoring for students at participating institutions. For most schools, it does not replace face-to-face tutoring, but complements what the students have available to them on campus. There are numerous consortia across the United States and western Canada. If you would like more information about eTutoring and how it's worked for 40 Ohio schools, please send a private email to me at [log in to unmask]<Terrific,%20Gary.%20Please%20plan%20to%20discuss%20your%20concerns/challenges.%20We%20also%20would%20like%20your%20input%20on%20what%20it%20takes%20to%20be%20an%20eTutor%20and%20bring%20suggestions%20on%20how%20we%20might%20better%20train%20our%20tutors.


Karen%20Boyd			Russ%20Sprinkle

Karen Boyd
Ohio eTutoring Coordinator

eStudent Services

An OH-TECH Consortium Member

25 South Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Office: 1 (614) 728-3141

Mobile: 1 (614) 832-2301

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