Good Afternoon.

I am trying to get a handle on some policies regarding tutor cell phone use/availability during down times in the center, as well as, dress code expectations.  I know that the smart phone is the primary way our students communicate; however, I also know, that they need to learn now that they cannot assume that it is ok to be on it during a work time even if they are not in session and have completed all of the 'side' duties.

Additionally, I am familiar with 'campus casual' and know that some folks can pull off a pair of clean sweats, tee-shirt and a hoodie and look more presentable than a sloppily dressed student in a suit.

Does anyone have language/policies regarding these issues for your tutors?  I know what I want to put into place, I am just not sure how to word it.  Also, subtle messaging is not picked up by all (I've already experienced that)  so I want to be clear without drawing too unreasonable a line.

I so appreciate your feedback.


Angie Wolfe, Coordinator
Academic Coaching & Tutoring Center
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
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