Dear Colleagues,
A graduate student I work with who does a lot training of other graduate students as Tas asked that I send out this request to the list. If you have resources to share, please let me know and Iíll pass them along.

Sometimes, graduate student instructors-in-training need help being
convinced that improving the metacognitive abilities of their students
is a worthwhile endeavor in the limited time they have in class to
improve student learning in their individual disciplines. To help
motivate student practice of metacognitive abilities in class, I am
interested in reviewing studies investigating the correlation of
metacognitive abilities or thinking on student learning or academic
achievement (especially at the undergraduate level). If there are
studies or experiments you draw from to help convince instructors or
students of the importance of developing metacognitive skills, they
would certainly be helpful. Additionally, studies investigating specific
approaches to developing metacognitive skills in students are also of
interest. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Nic!

Dominic (Nic) J. Voge  ||  Associate Director
Undergraduate Learning Program
McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning ||  Princeton University
328 Frist Center
(609)258-6921  ||


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