Hi all,


               John Arvin's radar analysis (Gulf Coast Bird Observatory)
posted on the LA listserv indicates a trans-Gulf movement coming in to the
LA coast in SE LA. That doesn't mean a fallout for those folks for New
Orleans radar is still in a clear air mode. But this movement can be traced
by surface and wind directions starting last night at launch time in Yucatan
and Central America (1/2 hr after sunset). Wind in n. Yucatan and Cancun was
E or SE about that time, typical for this time of year and birds took off.
They were probably on a NW heading, for the TX-w. LA coasts but as they
moved north, their heading veered to the right, on a more northerly course
as upper level winds at which they travel (roughly 2600 - 3000 ft) veered
more southerly. As they moved into the northern Gulf this a.m., they
encountered SW winds aloft, which vectored them toward SE LA. 


Some of this movement could spill over to the AL coast but fallout
conditions do not prevail. There is no evidence of any incoming migrants in
Gulf Breeze at this time. This wind pattern is a result of a ridge of high
pressure in the Gulf and there is no indication of a change until a front
comes through Saturday. Little or no precipitation is forecast with it but
strong N winds could bring us birds. 


Bob Duncan

Gulf Breeze in the w. Panhandle

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