Hi all,


               I walked to the point (end of Santa Rosa Peninsula) a few
minutes ago and found a small flock of E. Kingbirds. They were not present
this a.m. Kingbirds are considered the vanguard of a trans-Gulf movement,
along with swallows, since they are strong flyers and arrive first. Of
course they could have been a few blocks away this a.m . and just reached
here, but considering the weather pattern, I suspect they came in this
afternoon. Also with them was a large flock of Cedar Waxwings, also not
present this a.m. They could have been "locals" as well, but part of the
Waxwing population winters in Central America. Anything happening at Dauphin


               Rain chance went up to 40% Friday night and Saturday, from
either 20% or 30%. Looking  a little better for birding this weekend. 


Bob Duncan

Gulf Breeze in the w. Panhandle

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