Hi all,


Finally, rain is in the forecast again for the Alabama-Northwest Florida
Coast, with 60% Friday and 50% Saturday. Not the best odds and I suspect
most of this energy will be over the mainland. But at least there is hope.
And the good news is that the winds will be SW tomorrow as birds approach
the northern Gulf, so they should be vectored our way if they are aloft.
Conditions are good for lift-off in Yucatan tonight. So it's looking good
for a possible put down of some birds at our traps tomorrow and possibly
Saturday. I hesitate to use the term "fallout" because, as it has been
rightly  pointed out, tons of birds coming down is not in the cards, but
more than a trickle out is quite possible.


I just saw the projection of the storms for tomorrow, the forecast is for
the squall line to be west of Pensacola as most birds approach the coast,
(mid-morning/early afternoon) but stations to our west have a better chance.
That, of course, is a projection that could possibly change. Timing is


Looking at the overall spring weather picture, this is shaping up to be
rather typical, with a weak front and associated squall line approaching the
area about once a week or less. What makes for great birding along the coast
(bad news for birds) is a couple of low pressure cells to develop in the
Gulf and dump heavy rainfall in the area. That does not happen very often in
spring, fortunately for the birds.


Good luck and good birding,


Bob Duncan

Gulf Breeze in the w. Panhandle 

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