There are two upcoming ham-radio EVENTS on Saturday May 30th (one week away!).

EVENT #1 - On the "Air" (Internet)
The annual Hurricane Center drill will be on Saturday May 30th from 9am - 11am.  On DSTAR, use REF002A.  D-RATS will also be used.   The group at the NHC doing the net is using digital modes so no VHF or HF.

EVENT #2 - In Gainesville!  (3-hour MESH / DSTAR / D-RATS workshop)
Also on Saturday May 30, 2015 --- Here in GAINESVILLE from 9:30am - 12:30pm
Our local group of GARS and ARES hams will be coordinating hands-on MESH networking with Raspberry Pi.
Where:  Millhopper Public Library - Meeting room
3145 NW 43rd Street
Gainesville, FL 32606

Bring your laptop computer, WiFi router, Linksys WRT54G if you have one, DSTAR DVAP/Dongle if you have one, and some accessories like a power strip, and network cables.

We will be installing and configuring MESH nodes, testing out new services, and trying out the system with an Internet connection.  This is mostly to provide a test bed so we can do the same thing at Field Day and provide Internet, local "cloud storage" for logging, and use the MESH network equipment like would be done for an emergency.

If someone can bring DSTAR, we can check in to the Hurricane Net from the Library!  We might be able to test DSTAR/DV dongle from the MESH network as well.

We plan to test out the D-RATS software and connections to make sure everyone has theirs working.  The Hurricane Net will handle D-RATS check-ins on the site so be sure to bring your laptop even if all you want to do is the D-RATS on the Hurricane Net.  D-RATS is supposed to be able to work over the MESH as well, as long as the MESH network has an Internet connection somewhere.

The Library has an Internet connection (WiFi) which can be used for downloading or independent testing for Internet services that we will be testing on MESH.

Jeff, W4UFL

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On Saturday, May 30th the Southeast D-STAR Weather Net will again participate in the annual Hurricane Net Test with WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center.  The on-air test will occur between 0900 and 1100 EDT with voice check ins on repeaters connected to REF002A.  Repeater Administrators or local stations should connect their local D-STAR repeater or hotspot directly to REF002A during the test period. 


For voice check ins, please prepare a report with simulated conditions for your location and give your report verbally using the format in the WX4NHC Reporting Form.pdf available in the SE_WXNET Yahoo group Files section. A Net Control Station will be operate as a directed net.


We will also accept reports via D-RATS on using the NHC_Net_Report.xml form template also available in the Files section of the Yahoo group.  Please import the template into D-RATS and send your simulated report for your location using the Forms feature in D-RATS.  Address your Form to NCS as the Destination Station.


You participation in the test is important to demonstrate the capabilities of D-STAR.  If you have any questions, please post to the group.

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