At Houston Community College, we have used Askonline since 2006 and have tutored well over 100,000 student submissions since we started. All the elements that Jennifer asked about (scheduling, live sessions, and reporting) are available. The reporting component is particularly robust. We have chosen to use Askonline for text-based asynchronous tutoring because that fits our needs best, but the synchronous piece works well for schools that choose that route.

We found Askonline and then designed a tutoring system to work with its strengths, so I really don't have any issues to report. The tech and admin support is great, and since they host the servers, we don't have to rely on our local IT department.

For us, hiring and supervising our own tutors was of paramount importance. We chose NOT to outsource the content of what we do. I managed Askonline on release time for the first three years and then a new manager position was created, which I assumed. We have 1 full-time tutor and about 60 part-timers tutoring in 25 subject areas. Al the tutors are faculty or faculty-eligible and work from home. To get an idea how it works, you can go to my site - - and watch the 8-minute video on the log-in page. To see the program from a student point-of-view, use the guest login/password combo  peanut/butter.

I'd be happy to talk to or email anyone for more info.

Deborah Hardwick, Mgr.
Online Tutoring

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