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Most of the business examples (with the exception of those from Ron
Burt's work on power, brokerage and social capital) I use in my
networks-related classes relate to marketing, and typically deal with
some subset of online advertising, a platform like Facebook, Twitter,
Google, or Reddit, and the adoption of Internet-based or mobile

Many of my students (especially those in the executive education
classes) express interest in knowing about how more companies like
automobiles, consumer packaged goods, energy, healthcare, banking,
insurance, construction, real estate, chemicals, semiconductors,
business software -- as well as government agencies (city, state,
federal) -- use network analyses, and also, how these are used in
contexts that transcend marketing.

I'd be really interested in any studies (academic or industry) that
have analyses that are situated in these industries or contexts. I'd
be happy to share any slides I develop.

cheers, Arun.

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