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For users of statnet, but especially for those who find the R interface a 
barrier to using statnet:

We are happy to announce a sneak preview of *statnetWeb* - a new graphical 
user interface we are developing for the statnet network analysis 

statnetWeb provides access to much of the functionality of the ergm, 
network and sna packages through a point-and-click interface (rather than 
the traditional command line R interface), so it does not require 
knowledge of R coding and syntax.  It provides a gentle guided approach to 
network analysis, from plots and descriptives to model comparison and 
evaluation, with the ability to output results.

statnetWeb runs in a web browser; you can access it through this link 
<> or on your local laptop through 
RStudio. Find more information at our wiki page 

We will be teaching a workshop <> 
on using this GUI at the 2015 INSNA Sunbelt conference, but please feel 
free to begin using statnetWeb before then. You can follow along with 
ongoing development and report any issues through our GitHub repository 
<>.  And feel free to contact us with 
any questions.

Martina Morris and Emily Beylerian
for the statnet Development Team

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