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Hello Socnetters,


We are happy to invite you to participate at this year’s Viszards Session at Sunbelt. The aim of this session is to demonstrate the richness and power of network analysis, in particular when supported by visualization. We therefore present a multi‐perspective analysis of a single data set, utilizing a broad range of visualization methods. Rather than a series of contributions on related subjects, this session features a single, joint presentation by all contributors - no separate abstract submissions are necessary.


This year's Viszards session will analyze data gathered from Twitter during the Soccer World Cup 2014. We will show analysis results and visualizations resulting from several million Tweets including keywords related to the event as well as geo-located Tweets.


Viszards sessions started at Sunbelt XXII with different analyses and visualizations of the media coverage of the September 11 terrorist attacks. At the following Sunbelts we continued with: XXIII: 'The Summer Joker' network; XXIV: players market of the football World Championship 2002; XXV: KEDS (The Kansas Event Data System); XXVI: IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) networks; XXVII: Wikipedia; and XXVIII: networks from Web of Science; XXIX: Bibsonomy; XXX: Music 'social networks', and XXXI: US flight network. With this year's session we are continuing this tradition.


All SNA researchers interested in visualization are invited to join the session with their contribution by contacting <[log in to unmask]>. And yes, we have data!


Best wishes,

Vladimir Batagelj, Katy Borner, Ulrik Brandes, Seok‐Hee Hong, Jeffrey C. Johnson, Lothar Krempel, Juergen Lerner, Andrej Mrvar, Juergen Pfeffer.





Juergen Pfeffer, Assistant Research Professor

School of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, USA




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