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> It has been a long time since I posted so I thought I would reintroduce
> myself.  I have been in Records & Information Management for most of my
> career first with a gas utility and now with the merged Gas and Electric
> utility.
> We are implementing a new phone system for our customer service reps.  This
> system will allow us to record customer calls and will be used by
> management for quality checks and coaching of the Customer Service reps.
> I was asked to benchmark how long other companies keep the recorded
> telephone messages.   The only regulation can I find is to inform the
> customer that their call may be recorded, which we do.
>  I am looking for guidance on the following
>  Am I missing any regulation....
>  How long do you retain and if it is not to meet a regulation, what is the
>  justification

There are requirements and there are policies.

This guide tells you how THEIR system allows you to manage both, but
doesn't set retention.

Depending on the nature of the call, you may have differing retention

Contacting a client about an overdue bill?
A customer reporting an outage?
A customer reporting a safety concern?
Offering a service to a customer?
A 'life line' call from a Senior or unemployed customer?

and I'm sure whether the call in incoming or outgoing may have SOME bearing
on it.

a common practice is for routine business calls (a form of correspondence)
to be kept 2 years


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