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Dear all,

the concept of positional dominance unifies and generalizes
virtually all existing centrality indices and role equivalences.
Just in time for the Sunbelt workshop there is now some first
software support.

On behalf of the entire visone team, I am happy to announce the
release of a new version of our free software:

  visone v2.10 for Linux, Windows, and Mac
  more information 

A demonstration of the new positional methods will be part of my Sunbelt
REMINDER for participants: I am happy to take your own data as examples,
but would appreciate a few days to explore suitable aspects to include.

Other new or recently added features of visone include 

- NETWORKS ON MAPS: networks can be placed on detailed geographic maps
  that are automatically downloaded from

- SVG ANIMATIONS of dynamic networks can be exported and run in standard
  web browsers

- MODULARITY CLUSTERING using the fast Louvain method

- BACKBONE LAYOUTS that untangle hairball graphs



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