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== Call For Papers ==

BEAMS 2015: Behavior Analysis, Modeling, and Steering
- Workshop at IEEE International conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2015), November 14, 2015, Atlantic City, New Jersey

With the emergence of online social network sites and web 2.0 applications, social interactions, online collaboration, citizen journalism, information sharing, and e-commerce have become easier than ever. Human-generated data has become available on social media at an unprecedented scale, providing numerous opportunities for analyzing human behavior, mining human behavior, and investigating means to steer human behavior at scale. Finding digital traces of human behavior hidden among millions of social interactions, textual and multimedia content enables conducting research in social sciences, anthropology, psychology, and economics at scale. For industrial applications, these patterns help understand the social media ecosystem better, in turn unleashing full potential to market billions of users.

Topics of interest
Topis of interest in this workshop include but are not limited to:

- Finding prominent human behavioral patterns on social media and web
- Designing machine learning, data mining, network science, and NLP tools to glean traces of digital human behavior
- Designing predictive models for human behavior,Understanding human behavior and developing causal models that can explain online human behavior
- Developing means of evaluation for validating digital human behavioral patterns
- Bridging the gap between social media data and studies in linguistics, anthropology, ethnography, linguistics, psychology, among others
- Gamification, designing incentive mechanisms, and steering online behavior

Important Dates:
Workshop paper submissions:	July 20, 2015
Workshop paper notifications:	September 1, 2015
Workshop date:			November 14, 2015

Submission Instructions:
Papers should be prepared according to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting Guidelines and should be at most 6 pages long. The review process is single blind. Paper should be submitted in PDF format through the following link:
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