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Dear all,

We are delighted to have six sessions in the Corporate Network track at this
years Sunbelt! 
The papers examine the political, economic and sociological consequences of
the network ties and/or treat network ties as a phenomenon to be explained,
visualized or set in historical perspective.
For your convenience, we compiled a document with the schedule (see also
below) as well as the abstracts of the presentations.
Itıs here:

See you in Brighton!
Roy Barnes
Eelke Heemskerk

Overview Panels & Presentations:

Time# PresentorTitle
Corporate Networks 1: Power elite networks
Thu13:401Richard A. BentonManagerial Entrenchment and Structural Cohesion
Among America's Corporate Elite.
Thu14:002Lothar KrempelThe structure of voting rights in listed companies
pre and post a fine of EUR 3.25m
Thu14:203Joshua MurrayThe Inner Circle: Reports of its Death Are Greatly
Thu14:404Jun KanamitsuDoes good Reputation lead to good governance and ROA
for interlocked corporations ?
Corporate Networks 2: Structure and generating mechanisms I
Fri08:405Ji Youn (Rose) KimThe origin and evolution of board interlock
Fri09:006Bruce CroninThe Effects of Director Interlinks on UK Firm
Performance - A Longitudinal Study
Fri09:207Murat ÜnalSocial Dependence of Independent Directors in Europe`s
Largest Companies
Fri09:408Zuzana LaffersovaNorwegian gender quota and dynamics of board
Corporate Networks 3: Power elite networks in historical perspective
Fri13:409Hubert Buch-Hansen and Lasse Folke HenriksenToxic Ties:
Transnational Networks and Cartelization in the European Chemical Industry,
Fri14:0010Gerhard SchnyderThe Great Divide? Bank-industry relationships and
corporate networks in Britain, 1904-2010
Fri14:2011Olga V. MayorovaChanges in the Elite Circles: American Corporate
Interlocks from 1990s through 2014
Fri14:4012Pedro NevesCorporate networks in the periphery: dynamics of the
Portuguese business system (1913-2010)
Corporate Networks 4:  Structure and generating mechanisms II
Sat08:4013Sana Elouaer-MrizakExploring Interlocking Directorates using
Exponential Random Graph Models
Sat09:0014Jon MacKayObserving Advantage: The Role of Cognition in the
Marketplace for Syndicated Loans
Sat09:2015Gennady ZavyalovInterorganizational Network Governance: Analyzing
the Dynamic Interdependence of Network Structure and Performance in Board
Sat09:4016Emilia Borges Should pre-IPO firms signal status through highly
central board members?
Corporate Networks 5: Big Business, Politics and Policy Network
Sat13:4017Catherine CometThe corporate elite and the policy-planning network
in France and in Portugal
Sat14:0018Vladimir PopovInterlocks of Business and Politics and State
Capitalism in contemporary Russia
Sat14:2019Roy BarnesPolitical contributions and brokerage roles, a
preliminary analysis
Sat14:4020Zong-Rong LeeKinship network and the diffusion of political
donation among business groups in Taiwan
Sat15:0021Lisa SezerPolitico-religious ties and corporate political power:
Evidence from cross-industry business associations in Turkey.
Corporate Networks 6: International corporate elites
Sun08:4022Antoine VionThe European transnational inner circle reconsidered
Sun09:0023Meindert FennemaThe global corporate elite after the financial
crisis: evidence from the transnational network of interlocking directorates
Sun09:2024Olivier Godechot Structural exchange pays off. Reciprocity, cycles
and board compensations in UK firms (2001-2011)
Sun09:2025Julian CardenasNetworks of interlocking ownership in Latin America
Sun10:0026Nana de GraaffUS elite power and the rise of 'statist' Chinese
elites in global markets

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