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                      CALL FOR PAPERS
International Workshop on Social Personalization & Search (SPS 2015)
              to be held in Santiago, Chile
    co-located with ACM SIGIR 2015 (


Important Dates:
** Submission Deadline: Sunday June 7 (extended), 2015 (23:59 Chile Time)
** Notification of Acceptance: June 15, 2015
** Final Papers Due: June 22, 2015
** Conference date: August 9-12, 2015

Confirmed Keynote Speaker:
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, VP of Research for Europe and Latin America, Yahoo!

Workshop Organizers:
Christoph Trattner (NTNU, Norway & Know-Center, Austria)
Denis Parra (Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile)
Peter Brusilovsky (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Leandro Balby Marinho (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil)

Objectives & Topics:
For the Social Personalization & Search workshop, we invite to participate
researchers working in the fields of Information Retrieval,
Personalization, User Modeling, and Recommender Systems where the social
dimension plays a fundamental role. The workshop is examining several
approaches that leverage the social side of the search process on two main
contexts: (a) using social data for improving search and recommendations,
and (b) search as a social process, collaborative IR. On the first context,
we expect to attract contributions that use the social dimension in
different methods for personalization and search, such as data from online
social networks, social tagging systems, online forums and community-based
Q&A. This topic is important because it involves leveraging new sources of
information that are specific to social systems such as shared items and
tags, user public profiles, online and offline social connections, and logs
of user social activities in order to improve people's information access
in a wide variety of tasks and devices. On the second context, the social
dimension is emphasized as collaboration, so we aim to discuss works that
consider information seeking as a collaborative activity. Here, researches
can potentially use explicit social communication information (such as
online, offline chat) to boost the personalized search experience for each
user, or in a community-wise sense, support the common goal of users
working on the same search tasks, such as people planning a group trip.

We invite submissions that may include the following topics, but are not
limited to:
* search and recommendations based on social links
* search and recommendations in collaborative tagging systems
* group-level search personalization
* search and recommendations in blogs and microblogs
* approaches for social personalization in recommender systems
* approaches on personalized social collaboration
* approaches on social linking
* methods for social search and navigation
* methods for social predictive models
* social methods for information visualization and display
* applications of the aforementioned topics to diverse domains
* any other methods that exploit new forms of social data for search and
* applications of any of the above methods and technologies

The goal of this workshop is to share and discuss research that goes
hopefully beyond classic personalization techniques, trying to capitalize
potentially useful information available in social data for paving the way
to more efficient personalized information access technologies. In addition
to personalization, we also consider social search and navigation as topics
that involve the importance of the social dimension on filtering and
information access.

We solicit regular research papers (up to 6 pages) & short papers (up to 2
pages), both in the ACM conference paper style. Papers should be submitted
in EasyChair to

Submission guidelines:
All submitted papers must be written in English;
* contain author names, affiliations, and email addresses;
* be formatted according to the ACM SIG Proceedings template ( with a font
size no smaller than 9pt;
* be in PDF (make sure that the PDF can be viewed on any platform), and
formatted for US Letter size;

All papers will be peer-reviewed, must not be under review in any other
conference, workshop or journal (at the time of submission), and must
contain novel contributions. Accepted papers will be published according to
the ACM SIGIR 2015 WS publication rules.

SPS 2015 will take place at: Campus “Casa Central” of Pontifical Catholic
University of Chile (PUC Chile) and will be held in conjunction with the
38th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference. This campus is located in Av. Alameda
340, in Santiago Downtown, Chile.

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