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Dear Socnet mailing list members.

Pajek and PajekXXL 4.04 are now available. 
In addition to usual small improvements and speed-ups (see history) version 4.04 brings:

A faster method for background drawing is now used for networks renderings.
Also problem with rendering the same network several times in a row fixed.
Drawing large dense networks is now several times faster than in older Pajek versions
(e.g. networks with millions of edges are drawn in few seconds).
Options/Layout/Redraw/Rendering Refresh Period added to Draw window:
period in which network rendering is refreshed while drawing (large) network.
In refresh period is larger than 0, Wait notification is visible while rendering network.
To avoid long waiting for large networks it is recommended to leave
Options/Layout/Redraw/On Layout Paint and  Options/Layout/Redraw/On Layout Resized 
unchecked. In this way automatically redrawing of layout is disabled - 
user must redraw it manually (by using command Redraw).
But for small networks Rendering Refresh Period is better to be set to 0 (no refreshments).
Option for switching Draw window into a FishEye mode added:
area around the mouse is magnified by hovering mouse pointer over the layout
(like by using lens).
Some new operations on networks and other Pajek objects added. 
Also Info on permutations and clusters is now included.

You are welcome to check the history and download Pajek 4.04 at:
or (mirror)
With best wishes.
Andrej Mrvar
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