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 Dear colleagues,
    we invite submissions for a special issue of the Network Science
journal, published by Cambridge University Press, on the topic “Modeling,
Analysis and Mining of Multilayer Networks”.

Notable examples of multilayer networks include online social networks,
where the same actors create multiple accounts on different systems
(layers) like Facebook and Twitter, traffic networks, where locations are
connected through different kinds of transportation links like streets and
railways, and systems like the power grid and the corresponding control
network, where single points of failure can originate cascading effects due
to their mutual interconnections. Several models have been used to describe
these systems, from multiplex/multirelational networks to heterogeneous
information networks and networks of networks.

All these examples require specific measures, algorithms and methodologies,
and allow us to reinterpret well-studied phenomena in a more realistic way.
For example, while information propagation has been well studied on a
single-layer network, often online information propagates moving from one
social medium to the other, determining an inter-layer propagation process
whose nature is still largely unknown. Therefore, multilayer networks have
become one of the main research themes in Network Science.

Researchers interested in multilayer networks both from a research and an
application points of view are invited to submit a one-page abstract
clearly presenting the context, the addressed problem, the adopted
methodology and the expected contributions of their work. Works on real
applications are particularly welcome.  Authors of selected abstracts will
be invited to submit a full paper that will undergo a thorough double-blind
revision process.

The call is open to researchers in statistics, computer science,
mathematics, physics, sociology, economics and other related fields. The
issue will have a strong interdisciplinary focus.

 A non-comprehensive list of topics of interest is:
- Historical foundations of multilayer network research
- Multilayer network analysis and mining
- Formation and evolution of multilayer networks
- Diffusion processes and cascading effects on multilayer networks
- Real-world applications of multilayer networks
- Legal and ethical issues

About the journal: Network Science is a new journal for a new discipline -
one using the network paradigm, focusing on actors and relational linkages,
to inform research, methodology, and applications from many fields across
the natural, social, engineering and informational sciences. Given growing
understanding of the interconnectedness and globalization of the world,
network methods are an increasingly recognized way to research aspects of
modern society along with the individuals, organizations, and other actors
within it.

Submission instructions: abstracts, together with title and list of
authors, should be submitted by email to [log in to unmask] and
[log in to unmask] with subject “Network Science – Multilayer Networks”
by September 1, 2015. The authors of selected abstracts will be then
invited to submit a manuscript, that will undergo a double-blind review
process. The tentative deadline for the submission of the full manuscript
is December 1, 2015.

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