I spent 29 years working with land records, both as an employee and a 
researcher; that's how I eventually got into records management. Back 
when I started it was all paper-based, but I watched more and more 
become electronic. Our office finally got to where all newer filings were 
electronic-only, and those that were available online were identical to what 
you would see in the office. 

Redaction of information vital to a title search would make it much harder 
and more expensive for current or subsequent owners to sell property or 
borrow money against it. What sounds like a good idea to one group can 
have terrible consequences for another. This would be a nightmare for both 
the clerks and those who research these records. 

In Mississippi certain personal info about law enforcement officials is 
confidential, but so far they've never tried to do anything to the land 

By the way, concerning fires, one of our counties' courthouse burned at 
night a couple of years ago. The records in the land vault, where the vault 
door was closed, were wet but otherwise undamaged. Records on second 
and third floor were destroyed -- all paper-based with no duplicates. 

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