Last Thursday morning (June 18), Steve Sheffield (visiting birder from Maryland) and I saw many Magnificent Frigatebirds soaring all over the streets and roads of Cedar Key and the causeway, including all sex/age morphs and a few nearly at eye level.  Early that morning, before there were any visible from town, I had a count of 50 frigates in the air over the roost on the offshore key, through distant scope view.  Based on previous boat trips to that key, there were probably at least that many roosting and not visible from a distance, so there could easily be 100 or more frigatebirds in the area now.  I knew that there are up to several hundred there by late summer, but I was surprised to find so many in mid June.  I don't know another place you can drive to and reliably see so many frigatebirds.

Also, there were several Gray Kingbirds, a couple of fly-by Roseate Spoonbills, ridiculous numbers of Osprey, a good selection of nocturnal birds heard at the airport, and a lot of non-breeding terns, Forster's mostly.  Flocks of post-breeding Purple Martins (though nothing like those seen in the evening near Jacksonville Landing last week (roosting under the bridges?).

Brad Bergstrom

Valdosta, GA

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