Thank you for the information provided on implementing a communication lab
for students.  I wish I had this information about a year ago.  I had the
misfortune of losing a student in the program that I teach at because he/she
had broken English that put her a disadvantage from the very start.  

We advised the student on several alternatives, but the student follow-up
was poor because it involved going to another agency, which could have also
fell into the category of "miscommunication" of instructions to the student.
 She struggled and eventually dropped out of the program.  

Having a "leader led" sort of informal group of ESL students coming together
completing everyday tasks that we take for granted, like ordering from a
menu and feeling comfortable in the group, could give ESL students such an
advantage and help them to become more comfortable in the the classroom and
become better with English communication.

Judy Butner 

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