The problem with vendor proposals in general is that it is difficult to pin 
down vendors to specifics in terms of service levels and outcomes. Unless 
documentation that is verifiable can be required and checked, vendor 
proposals are no more than words on paper.

If you are familiar with one service, but need to verify information about 
the other service, the following tips for due diligence may help.  

1)  Ask for demo access to the service and ask a few of your in-house 
tutors to engage the online tutors.

2) Evaluate the number of tutors available and wait times at different times 
during a 24-hour period.

3)  Evaluate the quality of returned essays and turnaround times.

4)  If you can, evaluate how the company handles dramatic shifts in 

5)  Evaluate the overall student experience

6)  When a tutor is interacting with a student, is the tutor also providing 
simultaneous tutoring services to other students in the same or other 
subjects?  This is usually identified by delays in tutor responses.

I hope this helps.

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