I am new to this field but recently diving into to the Academic Support Department. I have 
found out form other colleges that many students do not like to attend things if they could 
be classified as “We need help” workshops. I am not sure exactly how you have been 
advertising for these classes but it could help to change the title to something that doesn’t 
make students feel some of the stereotypes behind receiving help form academic support. I 
might also help students attend if instructors could mandate that students attend at least 
one workshop or provide extra credit for those who attend. This would encourage students 
that excel to attend and possible help students that are struggling feel less threatened. It 
might also be a more comfortable setting if you could house these workshops in student 
friendly environment rather than a set classroom or tutoring center area. I know that others 
have suggested to partner with the residence halls which is a great idea.


Morgan Church
Graduate Student, Appalachian State University
Caldwell County Family Literacy Instructor

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