The undergrad program that I attended also did a lot of what you are talking
about Trevor.  The major I was working on made sure to help those that were
getting close to the academic probation mark.  The professor of the course
that you were "close to the probation line" would take the time to see where
you needed the most help. He/She would either tutor you or get in touch with
the tutor that could help you the most.

I actually worked with another student in my class.  This person was low in
many other classes but this was the one I knew more about.  It was a
foundations course for our major.  We met weekly in the library-where rooms
were available to study- we would already have the required reading
completed, or at least I did, and we would then discuss the reading, take
notes, highlight, underline, do whatever worked.  If a test was coming up we
would meet more that one time a week.  This helped the student and it helped
me out too.

I know that friends that were in other majors talked of the same thing going
on.  I feel that colleges need to offer the support to help their students
out.  A student doesn't want to be on probation and the college wants ALL
students to complete!

Shanna Gorecki

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