My name is Caroline Jenkins, and I am currently serving as an academic coach at Louisiana State University Shreveport. We are in the beginning stages of establishing a success center on our campus that will centralize many of the academic support services we have to offer (i.e., coaching, tutoring, workshops, writing center, etc.) Right now we are trying choose an optimal location for this success center. We are striving to pick a location that allows our students easy access, and functionality. Our choices are the campus library, an academic building, or the University Center. I am wondering if any of you could share your wisdom on this particular issue? What location has worked best for your schools? 
What are the pros and cons to housing a success center in a particular location? 

Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to learning more!

Caroline Jenkins
Academic Coach - Student Development Center
Louisiana State University Shreveport
Office: (318) 797-4239   
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