At the University of Nevada, Reno, we will open the Pennington Achievement
Center in January. It is a new building that will include the three
tutoring centers, Veteran Services, Counseling Services, TRiO, McNair,
Disability Resource Center, Advising Center, and Career Center. I think
that is all the services. In the basement, they will have two classrooms
and two areas of collaborative learning. This is a link to the basics:
/student-achievement-center. One of the things we pushed for in this
building was a meditation room. Students will be able to book it for
faith-based meetings, meditation, yoga and that type of thing. We made
sure there will be public areas for students to work individually and in
groups. The Knowledge Center (library), built a few years ago, has public
space and students use it. Since we aren¹t in the building yet, I can¹t
really give you any more information, but we are hoping it will a great
space for the different offices and for students.


Dr. Marsha Urban
Director, Tutoring Center, MS 078
101N Thompson Building
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557
(775)784-6801 (office)
(775)682-5983 (voicemail)
(775)784-4277 (fax)

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>Dear all,
>I would be very interested in these comments. My institution will be
>starting to plan for the remodel of our building. In that remodel, the
>Library, the Math Center, the Writing Center, and the Peer Tutoring
>Center will all be housed in one location. Some other thoughts would be
>to include the Multicultural Center, Disabilities and Support Services,
>Veterans Services and the Assessment Center in this new configuration.
>Any insight into the question posed by Amy would really help in this
>endeavor. Please respond to all, or forward anything you would share with
>Amy to my email address ([log in to unmask]). Thank you so much for
>your help!
>Juan F. Jiménez
>NCLCA Certified Learning Center Professional - Level 2
>Associate Dean - Learner Support and Transition
>Western Technical College
>400 Seventh Street North
>La Crosse WI  54601
>Office: (608) 785-9544
>Fax: (608) 789-6206
>"It is said that if you want to know what you were doing in the past,
>look at your body now; if you want to know what will happen to you in the
>future, look at what your mind is doing now."
>~His Holiness, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama
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>Subject: Manipulatives, "Maker" Space -- Need ideas & resources
>Hi, all.
>Our learning/writing center is going to be moved to the library on campus
>... eventually.  In a meeting with a consultant, we were asked what we
>would like to integrate into our space that we don't have now.  Having
>been in economic survival mode, I haven't really thought about what
>exemplars of hands-on learning within the learning center might look
>like.  Or, I haven't in a long, long time.
>He suggested that we could consider carving spaces out for tutoring that
>involve hands-on learning, manipulatives, and ... who knows what else?
>He raised the idea of a "maker space," which is not something I'd thought
>of in terms of the learning center before.  I guess that's an interesting
>thing to consider...
>We're not being offered *funding* for these things, mind you, but he
>wants us to think long-term about how we might make experiential, hands
>on learning opportunities for our students 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years
>from now.  One example we discussed was having physical models of atoms
>on hand for students to check out.  Or a skeleton!
>We used to have learning-center-specific materials years ago, but we
>cleared all that out because what we have access to with our two computer
>labs really trumps everything we had on hand.
>He'd also like to see how we could bleed the library resources into our
>areas.  For example, one of the things we came up with was to house the
>library's copy of textbooks in our area.
>Who has a center we should look at?  Who has ideas that we could play
>Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.
>Thanks in advance,
>Amy Crouse-Powers
>Center for Academic Development & Enrichment Coordinator of Peer Tutoring
>207 Alumni Hall
>SUNY Oneonta
>607-436-2819 (direct extension)
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