To avoid the accusation of targeting you must have a dress code for your staff.  it’s more difficult to have one for students but I would speak with HR and get something in writing if you want to proceed with that.  I have only ever spoken to a student user once.  The person was wearing a t-shirt that referenced genitalia in a non clinical manner.  Mostly I spoke with the person because I didn’t think they understood the ramifications to their standing.  I think they were unused to a new environment and expectations.  It was also distracting to other students.  We don’t have a dress code for student users.  I think if we aggressively enforced one we would lose customers.

Here is our student staff dress code and while we don’t explicitly have one for senior staff commonsense would dictate that we are also abiding by it.  We did get this cleared by HR.  I’ve only ever had to ask someone once to change and return.  Most rare violations are treated with a caution and continue with the day.

The following items of clothing are not permitted in the workplace.

-muscle shirts, tank tops, mesh shirts, boxers/biker shorts, or pajama bottoms, fuzzy/themed slippers;
-shorts or skirts above the extended finger tips (placed on student’s sides);
-sweatbands, bandanas and similar headgear are not permitted unless used for religious purposes;
-pants worn below the waist or hip;
-clothing with suggestive, distracting, profane, lewd, obscene, or contraband-positive messages;
-clothing that exposes undergarments;
-shirts/tops that expose the midriff;
-any shirt that falls below the extended finger tips must be tucked in to the waistband;
-sunglasses, headphones or earphones used for non-educational purposes.

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