I'm seeking your wisdom and experience.  Our department is considering doing some program evaluation, with the goals of assessing what we do, learning from that and improving where necessary, and getting more recognition on our campus for all that we do for students.  May I ask...

1)      What have you done to evaluate your program internally?

2)      What have you done to evaluate your program externally?

3)      If you brought in outside evaluators, what was the cost?

4)      What source(s) of best practices did you use to guide your evaluation?

5)      If you created surveys, would you be willing to share them?  (We're considering three surveys:  one for faculty, one for staff, and one for students.)

Thank you in advance for your input.

Ms. Sharon Green
Coordinator, Instructional Services
Office of Academic Support
Niagara University
Seton Hall, 1st floor
P. O. Box 1915
Niagara University, NY 14109-1915

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