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We're running a study group pilot in the fall that will require us to form study groups based on schedule availability information gathered from about 250 students in a targeted intervention.  I need to present students with a total of about 42 possible time/day options during the week and enable them to tell me which times they are available, and among those times, which times they actually prefer so I can do my best to accommodate their preferences.  I do this with the tutor work schedule pretty simply using a schedule grid in Excel that they fill out and either print or email back to me  (X=cannot work, O= prefer to work, blank = could work it if you had to), but I don't want to try that with 250 incoming freshmen who may not even have easy access to Excel at home.

This seems to me like it's probably a pretty common problem for folks who run learning centers with targeted interventions.  I bet folks who run mandatory SI programs face this a lot.  Can anybody suggest a free online tool or other solution?  We've already considered and ruled out Doodle (uses actual dates instead of just days), SurveyMonkey (the question formats are limited in such a way that we'd literally have to ask the same question 42 times), and Google Forms (same as SurveyMonkey).  However, if you know tricks that I don't and you're using one of these successfully, I'm all ears!



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