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>    Hey SNAers,
>    I have a social media network (Twitter) where many nodes are followed by
>    many other nodes and vice versa. I’d like to roughly estimate the average
>    number of UNIQUE followers each node has. In other words I don’t want to
>    know precisely how many unique followers each individual node has
>    (indegree), only the average (mean and/or median).
>    I feel like there should be a simple metric or formula that takes node
>    indegree, the number of edges, density, and assumes some alpha level of
>    duplication and spits out the average unique in degree for my network.

Maybe I am missing something in your request, but it seems like you
just need to compute:

   <k_in> = <k_out> = K/N

where K is the total number of edges and N is the total number of
nodes. Consider that, especially in twitter, the in-degree
distribution usually has a pretty large tail, which makes the average
in-degree not particularly significant for any practucal use.



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