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A new study has just been released that indicates the new school lunch 
rules put in place may lead to increased food waste and possible even 
decreased consumption of fruits and vegetables.  For those that don't 
know, in 2010 Congress passed a mandate (the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids 
Act), the requires schools that participate in the National School Lunch 
and School Breakfast Program to give a fruit or vegetable to a student 
with their meal (even if they don't want it).  The act went into effect 
in the 2012 school year.  Not surprisingly, researchers have now found 
increased food waste at schools.  What good is giving children healthy 
food, if it only ends up in the trash?

That being said, I do believe the act has great intentions; we all know 
kids (and most people) need to eat healthier foods.  Perhaps the 
increased food is just an effect of the transition.  In time, students 
may learn to eat their vegetables, even if they would have never chosen 
to eat them before.  There could also be a number of ways to dress up 
the vegetables or present them in a way that is appealing to kids.  
However, at the end of the day, true change will have to come from the 
home.  Parents must take the responsibility to make sure their children 
eat their vegetables at home, so they do so at school.  It is a noble 
goal to get child to eat more vegetables at school, but it cannot come 
at the cost of increased food waste.  How does that saying go? You can 
lead a kid to broccoli, but can't make him eat it.

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Why the healthy school lunch program is in trouble. Before/after photos 
of what students ate.
Ariana Eunjung Cha
Washington Post
August 26, 2015

Link to study: