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Farm Table, a local online farmer’s market from Richmond, Virginia, has taken up the Ugly Food Movement that has been widely successful in Europe by including misshapen fruits and vegetables in its deliveries. The purpose of the Ugly Food Movement is to reduce food waste by educating the public that the appearance of a vegetable does not always affects its nutrition or taste. Currently most grocery stores do not accept “ugly” produce because a majority percentage of consumers insist on only buying the best looking foods. As Shane mentioned yesterday, practices like these lead to about one-third of our produce to be discarded as food waste! Over the years consumers have been conditioned to seeing only the most perfect produce at their markets and it might take some time for many people to fully embrace the movement. However, the Ugly Food Movement seems to have a solid start in the United States, as more and more environmentally conscious people look for ways to reduce food waste.


'Ugly Food Movement' aims to reduce food waste
July 30, 2015 
NBC 12


Cabbar Dündar
Undergraduate Intern
2015 BioEnergy & Sustainability School
Soil and Water Science Department