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The topic we have chosen to feature in our last week as interns in the Bioenergy & Sustainability School (BESS) deals with corporate and international policies regarding sustainability. As we wrap up our internships, I think it's neat to see how the facets of sustainability we've had the pleasure to learn about in doing these posts fit into various policies around the world. In fact, a few weeks ago one of the topics we featured was about home improvements for energy efficiency, and I find it interesting to stumble upon a similar theme in this week's topic.

Specifically, a number of policies in China have recently began to take root in order to combat the country's high carbon emissions. China's 12th Five-Year Plan outlines goals to improve the country's environmental sustainability by tackling issues like utilizing more renewable energy resources. Another approach to their goal includes building more environmentally-friendly or "green" buildings that are designed to be energy efficient and therefore have lower carbon footprints. As a result, there has been a recent boom in constructing these green buildings. 

"Opportunities in China’s green building boom"

August 3, 2015


You can read an overview of this 12th Five-Year Plan here:


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