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On Tue, Aug 04, 2015 at 02:42:02AM -0700, madiha wrote:
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> Hello Everybody ! 
> My research is based on multiplex relations and i am trying to analyze its impact on organizational attitude. I run correlation and regression but did n`t succeed in generating significant output. Struggling with my data. It would be appreciated if anyone would tell me that how many statistical modeling approach can be applied to measure multiplex network? which one is the most appropriate in this regard?

Hi Madiha,

there is quite a bit of literature about structural analysis of
multiplex networks, but it would be useful to know which aspect of a
multiplex network you would like to measure, quantify, or
model. Without such information it would be very difficult to suggest
anything more specific than a generic review on multi-layer networks,
like the following ones:

- M Kivelä, A Arenas, M Barthelemy, JP Gleeson, Y Moreno, MA Porter,
  "Multilayer networks", Journal of Complex Networks 2 (3), 203 - 271

- Boccaletti, S.; Bianconi, G.; Criado, R.; del Genio, C.;
  Gómez-Gardeñes, J.; Romance, M.; Sendiña-Nadal, I.; Wang, Z. &
  Zanin, M., "The structure and dynamics of multilayer networks",
  Phys. Rep. 544(1), 1-122 (2014)

- K.-M. Lee, B. Min, K.-I. Goh, "Towards real-world complexity: an
  introduction to multiplex networks", Europhys. J. B 88(2), 1-20



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