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Published Amazon Principle named, " Earn Trust": "Leaders do not believe their or their team’s body odor smells of perfume."

That's good since top performers are known as 'athletes.' (?)

Amazon is wrong on so many levels. It's the 21st Century version of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. 

Amazon is culpable on many fronts. However, archaic labor laws and regulation are also responsible. Current labor laws and practices are simply failing to meet the requirements of the On-demand Economy. 

Generally speaking there are two types of workers: employees and contractors. 

Employees require insurance, health, FICA, etc. by law. They are 'at will' meaning they may be dismissed at ANY time for ANY reason WITHOUT warning or just cause. 

'At will' makes management capricious bullies. Not to mention most professionals are 'exempt' employees or exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. This further enables the dysfunctional hectoring described in the NYTs article.  

Contractors are under separate work contracts. They do NOT receive benefits. These workers must provide their own insurance, health, FICA, etc. Management may NOT tell these works when to work, how to work, in short, - the worker status is defined by the worker and contract. It's a good, temporary fit for some, but for most, it sucks.

What's required for the On-Demand Economy is the On-Demand Workforce. They are sophisticated workers fitting in the middle of the employee versus contractor spectrum. These are not unions our worker's councils. They would EARN hourly benefits. They are not 'at-will.' They preserve the social networks and knowledge pathways essential to continuous innovation while allowing workers to maintain benefits.

Amazon is hell-bent on building the On-Demand Economy. Suggest they use their technology, leadership, lobbyists and soaring hubris to update the circa 1930s labor laws and practices. Create and advance the On-Demand Workforce. 

Don't hold your breath for workforce advancements (unless you are on a top-flight Amazon team.)



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I wonder what kinds of networks (don’t) develop in a workplace like this?

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