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From: Bruce Kogut <[log in to unmask]>
Date: maandag 20 juli 2015 15:57
Subject: open source data

Dear Colleagues,

There was a project that started around 2004 and ended up in a book around 2012. The idea was to have an open source project in which people could join by contributing data, with the understanding that data and code would be posted.  The topic was small worlds and corporate governance that resulted in a book by that name, published by MIT. The data are the names of directors and owners of firms in 20 plus countries; the code largely in C++ and some python is still at the frontier of network methods and includes simulation and matching coding. Jordi Colomer did the bulk of the coding.  The final chapters in the book describe in detail the algorithms.

We would love to see the data and code used by others.  The data are approximately from two panels ~2000 & ~1990 .

Here is the site:

Data and Code SW and Governance

It was a great project with many generous contributors.  A recent review describes the book; it was a challenge to acknowledge equitably all the contributions to the book but the review is surely a nice summary of the goals. Here is the review:

Small Worlds and Governance

If you know of folks who would like such data and coding, please let them know –encouraging them to go to the above web site to download directly.



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