Marlyn, the original USA environmentalists were ranchers, farmers, hunters,
and fishermen.  So-called environmentalists since then have a partisan
political agenda.

When you run down the Montana ranchers and the Kochs; you reveal yourself
and your posting as inspired as partisan political.  Refrain from posting
your partisan politics on this listserv.

Have a nice day.

Best regards, Steve
Steven D. Whitaker, CRM, IGP

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 3:26 PM, Merlyn Liberty <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello List!
> I am a longtime lurker on the RM-List. Even though I never ultimately
> pursued work as a Professional Records Mgr. after Grad School, I find that
> I continue to learn a tremendous amount about how to organize records and
> information from the discussions all of you regulars engage in. Thank you!
> I also subscribe to this list in digest format so please forgive me for
> being late to the party regarding last week's "Friday Pondering -
> Responsibility" topic.
> That discussion was intriguing and, based on the examples provided,
> appeared to prove recycling does *not* pay. I came away from it feeling
> fairly depressed and helpless.
> The links Peter Kurilecz provided were *very* interesting. I am a huge,
> huge, HUGE Penn & Teller fan and the Washington Post is usually pretty
> decent with their investigative reporting. But PERC smelled a bit whiffy.
> First, the organization is based in Bozeman, MT, a state not known for its
> environmentalism. Second, it took about 9 seconds of Google searching to
> learn that PERC is funded by the Koch Bros. so it is safe to say that the
> information generated by this organization is biased against recycling, and
> pretty much everything that chips away at the bottom line.
> <snip>

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