​Many, many postings on this ListServ often have political overtones - even
the posting that encouraged Merlyn's response.

I believe it is important to encourage and allow all people to think
broadly and critically" and I believe that Merlyn's final statement
acknowledges that both sides of the issues presented have a bias -  i.e.
"The SustainableBrands perspective is just as biased as PERC's (and Penn &
Teller and WashPo's), however I feel that last week's conversation
should not end simply with, "recycling doesn't pay and that's that."

Both postings have provided links to sources that I can use to make up my
own mind.

I don't always agree with your comments but you have the right to state
your opinions - as long as you do it politely.)  Remember you can always
use the DELETE key if you don't like something:)


Mary W. Haider, MBA, CRM
Records & Information Manager and Consultant
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